MIZORAM – List of Cities & Towns

List of Cities & Towns in MIZORAM

Mamit, Zawlnuam, West Phaileng, Reiek, Lengpui, Kolasib, N Thingdawl, N. Kawnpui, Bilkhawthlir, Vairengte, Bairabi, Tlangnuam, Aizawl, Sairang, Darlawn, Phullen, Aibawk, Thingsulthliah, Saitual, Champhai, Ngopa, Khawzawl, Khawhai, Khawbung, East Lungdar, Biate, Serchhip, Thenzawl, North Vanlaiphai, Lunglei, West Bunghmun, Lungsen, Tlabung, Hnahthial, Lawngtlai, Chawngte, Lawngtlai, S’ Bungtlang, Sangau, Saiha, Tuipang,

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